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My mission is to transform families for generations by helping 10,000 people  take back control of their life, by going from Employee to Entrepreneur and 

becoming an Unstoppable Franchisee. Here are just a few of the families we’ve impacted so far.

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Purchased a 500k per year business with seller financing


Cole didn’t know where to start or what step he needed to take to become a profitable franchise owner. Plus, his financial situation made him wonder if he would even be able to afford it. Zero to Profitable Franchise helped him do due diligence, vet the resale business, and come up with unique funding ideas to secure his purchase. After going through the program, he was able to successfully secure a PROFITABLE resale business doing 500k per year even with a newborn at home!

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“I’ve achieved a dream in my life that I’ve had for many many years!”


Before working with Tariq and Zero to Profitable Franchise Valerie was stuck with tons of ideas in her head but she couldn’t move forward with any of them. She knew she wanted to make a change…but needed help taking action. In only six months Valerie has seen tangible results, she now owns two territories with her business and has done over 100k in sales in her first 4 months of being open. She’s profitable and living a long-time dream of hers!

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“If you’re going into business, you MUST invest in yourself”


After COVID hit Rodney wanted to get out of corporate America. Rodney was able to narrow it down to six companies he wanted to work with, but was suffering from paralysis by analysis, he felt like he was spinning his wheels. With one simple exercise from the Zero to Profitable Franchise program, he quickly narrowed it down to three businesses. From there he was able to confidently select the right business and move forward with his goals.

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“If you’ve never opened a franchise before…you NEED this!”


After climbing the corporate ladder Johanna had less and less time to spend with her family, and she knew she needed to make a change. Before joining Zero to Profitable Franchise she was struggling to decide between starting her own business or buying a franchise. Plus, the thought of selecting her franchise and going through the FDD was daunting. But we gave her the tools and resources she needed to understand if franchising was right for her and how to make the right decisions along the way. She has since successfully purchased her franchise, had a press release written about her new business, and is on her way to freedom!

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She nearly picked the WRONG franchise


Tara wasn’t getting the support she needed from her previous mentor when opening her franchise, although frustrated she didn’t give up. Working with Zero to Profitable Franchise gave her the knowledge and confidence she needed to move forward. After joining the program she realized the franchise she was looking at was not the right choice for her. Zero to Profitable Franchise helped give her the knowledge and confidence she needed to successfully pick the RIGHT franchise in only 6 weeks.

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Eliminate overwhelm and replace your income fast.


After being burned by other programs and brokers. Tomas felt overwhelmed with all the options of what kind of franchise he could buy, plus he had lots of questions about how to verify those options and do his due dilligence. After joining ZTPF we were able to help Tomas identify the perfect franchise, vet that business to ensure it's the right choice (and a profitable choice). Since joining we've helped Tomas pull the trigger and sign with a franchise that will help him replace his income and even potentially work from home.

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Bought a home services franchise


Josh's son was diagnosed with diabetes and needed to quit his job of being a wildland fire fighter to be closer to home, and more available to be with his son. He was struggling with the unknown's of buying a franchise, and not having guidance, and accountability to see the process through.

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100k Profit From Day 1!


From not knowing where to start, wondering if he could afford it, or if it was even possible…Joe got the coaching and step-by-step direction he needed to buy a resale business doing 100k in profit AND save $13,000 on his purchase.

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Bought 3 territories after working with our team


Richard has been starting businesses since the mid '90s, but couldn't seem to find the accountability to open a franchise. After joining ZTPF and being a part of the group calls, as well as working with Tariq and our team Richard's procrastination was virtually eliminated. Working within our community helped Richard verbalize and overcome his concerns, fears, and insecurities so that he could move forward with his business. Since starting with ZTPF Richard has signed with 3 territories of his new franchise.

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The BEST investment you will make in your franchising journey


After 7 years of wanting to be a franchise owner, Monae still struggled to confidently pick the right franchise. Joining our program gave her the security and confidence she needed to pick the right franchise and make the right decisions every step of the way. Since joining she’s signed her agreement and we’re now helping her structure and negotiate the most lucrative lease for her business.

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From paralysis by analysis to 100k in FREE rent

Mark and Angelique

Mark and Angelique had been searching for a franchise for years. They couldn’t pull the trigger on anything and were suffering from paralysis by analysis. Since working with Tariq and Zero to Profitable Franchise they’ve successfully and confidently signed a franchise agreement and our currently getting help with the build-out process for their business. Through the coaching process, we helped them negotiate an additional 50k in free rent that even their commercial broker missed!

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They Got The EXACT Steps They Needed to Open Their Franchise.


Olivia and her brother knew they wanted to open a franchise but had no idea where to start. After joining the program we gave them the EXACT steps they needed to follow, when to execute them, etc. and paired them with the RIGHT broker for their goals so that they could quickly find the perfect franchise and sign their agreement.


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Bought Resale: Doubled His Revenues In 90 Days


As an experienced entrepreneur opening his first franchise Derek knew the value of having an expert consultant to look over his shoulder. Working with Zero to Profitable Franchise allowed Derek to avoid MULTIPLE situations where he would have been taken advantage of and in the process, he saved $8,000. After purchasing his resale we helped Derek bring the overhead down AND double his revenues in the first 3 months.

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She quit her job IMMEDIATELY


Overworked and overwhelmed, not able to see her children she knew she had to make a change. Joining the Zero to Profitable Franchise program gave her the exact steps and direction she needed to successfully purchase a resale franchise that is doing 1 million per year in revenue and allowed her to quit her job immediately!

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20-Year Engineer Found A PROFITABLE Resale Franchise In Only 3 Months!


Tarik was stuck in his employee mindset. Wanting to live a life of freedom and flexibility. He stumbled upon the idea of resale franchises but didn't know where to start. After joining our program we helped him with the mindset shifts and tactical knowledge he needed to confidently find, vet, and purchase his resale business. Now he is officially a successful entreprneur! Tarik's advice is...

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Almost made a MASSIVE purchasing mistake

Brent and Melissa

Brent and Melissa came into the program positive they had found the right franchise. But after working with Tariq, and understanding their personal strengths and goals they realized they were about to make a huge mistake and nearly picked the wrong franchise. We helped them choose the right franchise for their goals and they now own two successful locations in the state of Texas.

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“Without Tariq we would be like a deer in headlights”


After having Tariq on his podcast Nick realized how knowledgeable and experienced Tariq was in franchising and he immediately enrolled in the program. Through coaching and guidance, Nick has been able to avoid many mistakes and has successfully found a franchise location for him and his dad… “Above and beyond anything we could have asked for”. 

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Signed his FDD in under 2 months


Devin had just quit his job and didn't want to go back into the rat race. He was looking for an asset to invest his money in. All over the board Devin looked at vending machines, laundromats, water softeners...he was completely scattered trying to find the best option for him in his family. Devin took a leap of faith and after only 2 months in the program he's signed his FDD. After going through the program he went from not knowing which direction to go to having a clear step by step plan to follow to reach his goals.

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Added an additional stream of income


David is a successful engineer who was looking to add an additional stream of income. Not knowing where to start, he was confused and overwhelmed. We helped him find, vet, and negotiate the purchase of a successful resale business that is 100% hands-off. Through our coaching he was able to not only get help funding the business but making it more profitable after the purchase as well!

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Should I start my own business or buy a franchise…?


Gary was torn between starting his own business and opening a franchise. After joining Zero to Profitable Franchise, Gary was able to CONFIDENTLY move forward with a franchise. As a previous business owner, we helped Gary adapt and overcome the struggles of transitioning to a franchise. Gary’s final recommendation is… “Tariq is the man to see, I would refer him to anyone!”

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Launched his online coaching brand


"I needed him in order to take my career and my work to a higher level."

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Went from COMPLETE Beginner to Successful Franchise Owner!


Ben had been wanting to buy a franchise for a while, but knew nothing about franchises, and had no information to help. After joining Zero to Profitable Franchise, Ben was able to successfully narrow down and purchase his franchise... Ben says "I would highly highly recommend this program for anyone thinking about buying a franchise"

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"We actually did it!...We now have our own business!"

Zach and Lindsey Stigall

Lindsey was stuck at a job that made her miserable. That misery came home with her and affected everyone in the family. Lindsey & her husband Zach knew something had to change. After joining ZTPF they were able to get help finding a franchise that fits their goals and lifestyle, stay on the straight path to success, and ultimately have a plan that they can feel confident in while surrounded by a supportive community. They are now officially business owners!

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Saved thousands of dollars in mistakes

Wuba Shiferaw

Wuba was suffering from information overload, which made it difficult for her to narrow down her choices. Leaving her confused and overwhelmed. After going through ZTPF Wuba was equipped with the knowledge to find & buy the right franchise, understand her FDD, and negotiate her commercial lease. Wuba says if she wouldn't have invested in ZTPF it would have cost her far more in mistakes along the way.

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They Found the Perfect Franchise for Their Dream Lifestyle

Ashley Selzer

Ashley and her husband were looking to buy a franchise for their next business venture. Before working with Franchise Empire they nearly bought the WRONG franchise which would have left them miserable. After going through ZTPF Ashley was able to get a "masters" in franchising and purchase her dream franchise, plus secure a great territory!

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It Was The BEST Decision I Ever Made


Melissa wanted to get out of her full-time job in healthcare. Looking at franchises she hit a dead end. So she reached out to us and in her words "I wouldn't have done this without you". Since joining ZTPF Melissa gained the confidence to KNOW she could pull through and make this happen. Melissa went on to purchase a children's gym franchise.

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Alexis took control of her career & life!


Alexis reached her breaking point with her full-time job realizing she had no control over her career. She was struggling with analysis paralysis, diving into every possible detail but struggling to take action. Before working with Franchise Empire she had been looking at franchises for nearly 10 years. After working with Franchise Empire Alexis is officially a business owner and even hired her first employee!

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This Whole Program Has Been Life-Changing for Me


Kiki was looking to do something different with her career and all signs kept pointing to entrepreneurship. After a lot of research, Kiki decided franchising was the best route for her. After finding Tariq on Youtube, Kiki took the leap and invested in ZTPF. After going through the program Kiki was equipped with all the tools and resources necessary to confidently meet with franchisors and pick the perfect franchise. Kiki went on to sign her franchise agreement only two months after joining the program!

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From Complete Newbie to 3 Territory Owner


Nate felt underappreciated at work, driving him to jump into entrepreneurship. Nate joined ZPTF and dove straight in. Nate loved the simple and straightforward approach inside of ZTPF and found a ton of value in working with our team. Since joining he's signed his FDD and secured 3 territories in Utah and is now in the process of finding his first location.

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She Has A Line of Customers Waiting for Her To Open!


Krista had tried multiple different businesses before but never really followed through with anything. After losing her husband, she had to do something to secure her financial future for herself and her kids. So she started looking into franchises and joined ZPTF to get expert guidance along the way. For Krista one of the most helpful aspects of ZTPF has been the weekly coaching calls. Since then she's started her build-out and has people calling every day waiting for her to open her doors.

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He found the perfect franchise in 60 days!


Mark had recently been laid off from his job and was dabbling in the idea of buying a franchise. He had looked at a few franchises but didn't even know if franchising was the right fit for him. After working with ZTPF Mark was able to get the help he needed to move from being unsure about a franchise to actually finding the perfect "money-making" franchise for his skills and goals. Within 60 days of joining ZTPF he has officially signed his franchise agreement!

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It's the best investment we could have done! It's a no brainer


After searching for the perfect help to make his entrepreneurial dreams become a reality. Lorenzo joined Franchise Empire and said it was the best investment he could have made.

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After 16 Years She Took a Bet On Herself


Crystal and her best friend Tanesha decided after years of working for somebody else that it was time to take a bet on themselves. After joining ZTPF they were surprised by the wealth of knowledge inside the program and all the support from the team at Franchise Empire. Her advice to anyone looking to get started is..."It's worth it, bet on yourself!”

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