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Hi, I’m Tariq Johnson.

I’m an entrepreneur, and business coach (often franchise coach). For the past 12 years I was obsessed with trying to figure out how to transition out of my corporate job and still thrive financially. I really didn’t want to take a step backwards - my ego couldn’t handle it at that time. 

I always knew I wanted to be a successful entrepreneur - and not be reporting to someone else all of my life, but I just wasn’t quite sure where to start and exactly what path was right for me. You know what I’m talking about?

At 18 years old I started my first business and began my journey on the path of entrepreneurship. I gave up pretty quickly, and then got a job in the corporate world. Being incredibly motivated, I got my first investment license at the age of 19. That led to almost 12 years working in the Financial Services Industry.  Over those years I rose up the corporate ladder, excelling in various roles. Eventually I was managing a book of business for my clients with close to $60 million in assets. Although I loved helping my clients with their personal and business Financial Planning, and investment needs; I knew deep down that what I truly wanted was to be in business for myself. I’ve taken many detours on my entrepreneurial journey, including a role on the Executive Leadership team for a Financial Services company. I was the right hand man for one of the owners - and it became glaringly clear to me then, I had to make this transition to becoming a successful entrepreneur!

What I wanted most was to fulfill my potential in life and business, and help others do the same. I even took a hiatus from Financial Planning and went on the road speaking and training corporations for Tony Robbins. In leading over 250 workshops around the country for salespeople, executives, entrepreneurs, and major influencers, I eventually decided it was time to put into action all of my skills, learnings, and tools that I had acquired over the years to finally fulfill my vision of becoming a THRIVING entrepreneur. 

In 2017, I opened up my first Franchise and generated over $470,000 in sales, and accomplished the rare feat of becoming and staying profitable my second month in business. In mid 2018 I was able to purchase my second location. Over the last few years I built a multi million dollar franchise business doing over $2.5 million in sales. The truth is, I made A LOT of mistakes along the way. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows - largely because I didn’t know what I know now. I didn’t have the mindset, the strategies, and the tools that I know have. 

I then took what I learned from my Franchise Business - and built a Six-Figure online business from scratch. I always had this limiting belief, that I couldn’t build a business by myself - well that was just my BS! (Belief System)

The strategies and mindsets that I used to grow my businesses are not rocket science.  They can be applied to any business, in any industry. I’ve now used those tools to help coach and consult with other struggling and aspiring entrepreneurs to help them experience the success that they’ve always dreamed of in their life and business. 

I am excited and honored to serve you, and guide you on your unique  journey to thriving in business. I invite you to download my 7 Step Blueprint to Business Profits in 60 days so that YOU can experience the thrill and excitement that comes with building a business that is yours. 

Let’s make this dream happen together. 


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