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Hi, I’m Tariq Johnson.

An entrepreneur and professional business coach who often focuses on franchise coaching. Over the past 12 years, my journey has been driven by one key obsession: transitioning from a corporate job to thriving financially on my terms. Like many, I craved success without compromise, unwilling to take a step backward.

My entrepreneurial spirit was kindled at 18 when I started my first business, a short-lived venture that sparked a lifelong passion. Despite quickly transitioning to the corporate world and securing my first investment license at 19, my ambition always veered towards entrepreneurship. My corporate journey was marked by significant milestones, including managing a book of business worth nearly $60 million in assets. However, deep down, I knew my true calling was to be my own boss.

My path wasn’t a straight line. It involved many detours, including a significant role in the Executive Leadership team of a Financial Services company and a hiatus from financial planning to become a National Speaker for Tony Robbins. Speaking and training in over 250 workshops nationwide, I interacted with various professionals, from salespeople to major influencers. These experiences sharpened my skills and clarified my vision: to become a thriving entrepreneur.

2017, this vision took a solid form when I opened my first franchise, achieving over $470,000 in sales in the first year and becoming profitable by the second month. By mid-2018, I expanded to my second location, eventually building a multi-million dollar business. This journey wasn’t without its challenges and mistakes, but each step was a learning curve, shaping the entrepreneur I am today.

Taking the lessons from my franchise business, I built a six-figure online business, breaking free from my limiting beliefs and proving that I could build a successful business independently.

The strategies I've employed and the mindsets I've adopted are not exclusive to me; they are universal tools that can transform any business in any industry. My mission now is to share these tools, helping struggling and aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve the success they've always dreamt of.

I am here to help guide you on your unique entrepreneurial journey.


Download my FREE GUIDE, "Find the Perfect Franchise and Get Profitable in 12 Months or Less" and start experiencing the thrill of building your own business.


Let's embark on this exciting path together and realize your entrepreneurial dreams.


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